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Vesterbrogade 4
1161 Copenhagen K

Neighborhood: Indre By

Telephone Number: +45 3325 0775

Website: www.unisport.dk

Nearest Subway Stop:  Nørreport Metro (1718 feet)  

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Friday: 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.


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The year was 1995 when Unisport first saw the light of day in little football-Denmark. The company kicked off in a small flat in Skydebanegade, Copenhagen – a small street in the beautiful Vesterbro area. This location would show to be very important for Unisport, and still provides housing for one of our loyal colleagues from the company. Unisport Administration Six months would pass in Skydebanegade before a substitution would be made and our, still very young Unisport, would move to larger locations in Istedgade. Despite moving to a new location, the journey would only be about the length of a Dave Challinor throw (the player with the longest throw in professional English football) when measuring the distance.

Another six months passed in Istedgade and Unisport was still growing, and the desire to try something bigger had emerged. So, once again the movers where ordered in, and this time the journey went to Vesterbrogade 45. No talent scout could have called that this would be the base for Unisport for the following 10 years of football!

Unisport Administration At this time the football shirt industry had yet to really take off, which meant hard work in order to get the company in its best shape and provide the best customer service. Hereby, Unisport could live up to the the name as the leader of the football shirt market in Scandinavia.

Unisport Administration More challenges were awaiting Unisport, and the bar was raised yet again as the store in Vesterbrogade expanded to also include the floor above the current store. Denmark’s first Nike Football store-in-store was a reality. The expansion gave the opportunity to complete the football concept by also selling football boots to the many loyal customers Unisport now had. The dream of becoming one of the best in Europe had really kicked off at this point. By 2002 the time had come to also start selling the Unisport products online, and the website unisport.dk was established. The website was later expanded to also include auctions and betting tips, among other things. After three years with further development of unisport.dk, as well as, an increasing Unisport staff bench, it was time for yet another expansion – Unisport Teamsport. A new department targeting football clubs and organisations who needed expert advise regarding the important football kit shopping. A show-room was built and Unisport Teamsport launched a new catalogue lead on by one of the loyal 'players' from the increasing Unisport staff. Unisport kept on developing and after 10 years at the same location the place did not have the capacity to house Scandinavia's largest football shop. Therefore, the company moved once again during the summer of 2006, the new location was Vesterbrogade 15 & 17. The store also got new home grounds located right opposite the main entrance of the famous Tivoli in Copenhagen. An exciting time began under new circumstances for both us and our many loyal customers. Unisport Administration Bigger location and more employees were some of the key words of the first year under the new roof. New ambitions were set and the range of products kept growing and growing. The main goal was to ensure that Unisport would be able to offer both a broad and deep range of products. Unisport Administration While the Danish Superliga was on winter break in early 2010, the entire Unisport squad were working hard. It was time to say a final goodbye to Vesterbro for both the storage and the office. Unisport had found its new home grounds at Gammel Køge Landevej in Valby. The move was done under a heavy blanket of snow, but the manager got a team put together who gave it all and the the ball was in the net after 90 minutes plus extra time. In other words, it was a couple of very long days... Unisport Administration The squad consists of more than 25 full time employees (yes, we can actually set two full football teams). The tone is friendly and fresh and everybody's dedicated to giving our customers the best experience on unisport.dk Unisport Administration We have built up 5 WebTV channels, active Twitter-, YouTube- and Facebook-profiles, day to day delivery on stock items, phone support more than 50 hours a week, extended customer service, perfect rating on Trustpilot.dk, and much more. While football clubs are being bought by super rich Indians, sheikhs and Russians with more money than one can imagine, Unisport is 100% in Danish hands. Unisport is owned by individual employees and private investors (who probably will not turn down a couple of oil millions if presented with such an opportunity...). In the world of football there is a long range of awards for both players and managers. Regarding e-commerce there is a yearly award show in Denmark called 'E-Handelsprisen' in English 'the e-commerce awards'. In 2011 it was Unisport's turn to walk to the stage and receive an award. Unisport won the user award 2011 'Brugerprisen', which they are incredibly proud of. Unisport's many customers and users had voted the company the best web shop in 2011. A great honour.

It all started with football shirts in 1995 and today you will find football shirts from every corner of the world. National team shirts, club shirts, and a broad range of merchandise for any occasion. You will find football boots, goalkeepers gloves and other products that we are the only retailer of in Denmark. We also have a close partnership with, and are official supplier for some of the largest football clubs in Denmark including Hvidovre IF, Farum Boldklub and Skovshoved. Furthermore, we support the Danish national team for homeless people and we are official merchandise partner with DBU (the Danish football union). Unisport Administration Who's this? Well, it is just a Japanese customer who once entered our store and felt like giving us a picture of him and Michael Laudrup. Notice his super cool EURO 1996 cap. ?

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