Munich Central Station

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Munich 80335

Neighborhood: St. Paul

Nearest Subway Stop:  Hauptbahnhof (1 feet),   Theresienwiese (1671 feet),   Königsplatz (2534 feet)  


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Munich Central Station (München Hauptbahnhof) is the main railway station of the city of Munich in Germany. It is one of the three long distance train stations in Munich, the others being München-Pasing and München Ost. The station sees about 350,000 passengers a day, which puts it on par with other large stations in Germany, such as Hamburg and Frankfurt. The mainline station is a terminal station, the subterranean S-Bahn and U-Bahn stations are through stations.


The current site, then situated outside the city walls, saw the first railway station in 1839, with the line from Munich to Lochhausen opening on 1 September. On 4 October 1840, the Lochhausen line was extended to Augsburg. This first station was short-lived, however, as it fell victim to a fire on 4 April 1847.

The station was rebuilt from 1847 to 1849 as the Centralbahnhof according to plans by Friedrich Bürklein and reopened on 22 September 1849. Further lines were soon added to the station; to Landshut (in 1858), Nuremberg in (1859) and Rosenheim in (1871). In order to cope with the new levels of traffic, the station saw a major rebuild from 1876 to 1884.

In 1893, an outlying station was added to accommodate trains for the line to Starnberg. Another set of tracks was added at the opposite end of the station for trains to Holzkirchen in 1915.

The station was renamed München Hauptbahnhof in 1904. It sustained heavy damage from allied bombing in 1945 and the damaged train shed was torn down in 1949. From 1958 to 1960, the station was rebuilt integrating parts of the old station. The new train shed was built in a contemporary 1960s style by Krupp, spanning tracks 11 to 26.

From 1967 onwards, the S-Bahn (subway) tunnels and the München Hbf (tief) station which serves them were built underneath the station, opening on 28 April 1972, just before the 1972 Summer Olympics. The U-Bahn stations were opened in 1980 and 1984.


The construction of a second S-Bahn route (a second main tunnel route through the centre of Munich) with a new S-Bahn station is being planned for the station hall. Because of challenges with the planning and financing of the route, it will probably not be finished until 2020.

A new front for the railway station and service hall are to be built to a design by Auer+Weber+Assoziierte. Because of difficulties in financing, it is questionable when the project will be started.

A Transrapid route to Munich Airport was under consideration for some time and intended to be operational around 2011. However the project never reached construction phase due to skyrocketing costs caused by increasing prices for steel and other materials. It was finally suspended when cost estimates reached €3.2 billion, up from an original estimate of €1.85 billion.

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