The Little Gym

Things to do with Kids, Gymnastics Instruction, Child Care

Drtinova 8
15000 Prague 5
Czech Republic

Neighborhood: Smíchov

Telephone Number: +420 227 018 555

Email Address: 

Nearest Subway Stop:  Anděl Metro (1797 feet)  

Nearest Tram/Streetcar Stop:  Tram Arbesovo namesti (465 feet),   Tram Arbesovo namesti (550 feet),   Tram Svandovo divadlo (982 feet),   Tram Andel (1467 feet),   Tram Andel (1717 feet),   Tram Zborovska (1812 feet),   Tram Ujezd (1860 feet),   Tram Ujezd (2163 feet),   Tram Bertramka (2433 feet)  


  • Languages Spoken:  Czech,   English  


The Little Gym The Little Gym The Little Gym The Little Gym


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Inspiring success, one hop, skip and jump at a time. Children learn step-by-step. In a safe, nurturing and non-competitive environment, they can progress at their own pace. Under the supervision of our trained instructors, they learn to take on new challenges, overcome their fears, and express themselves confidently. And they have loads of fun doing it! That’s why: Our age-specific curriculum is scheduled in weekly lesson plans, to build skills sequentially. All of our programmes are non-competitive so that each child can master new skills and meet new challenges in a positive environment. We encourage youngsters to do their best, without needing to always be the best. Each week, a different theme engages their imaginations and sense of fun. Original music, composed by The Little Gym®, supports what they’re learning – from physical skills to listening, counting, or following instructions. Our professional instructors are carefully trained in The Little Gym® methods and our instructor-to-child ratios are low so that we can help each youngster to shine on an individual basis. All centres are bright, colourful and cheery, and clean – a great environment for your child and for you.

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